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After some time working with the http://www.inktip.com website, versus promoting my work myself by contacting producers, directors, etc., I have concluded that promoting my work myself has gotten me way more feedback and coverage.  I have been busy networking with numerous companies, some whom have been willing to help me pursue my goals.

Promoting one’s own work, takes time, patience, luck, perseverance, and the ability to ride a roller-coaster of emotions.  With both Inktip and on my own … either way, whomever tells you you have a great idea in the film & television industry, if you can’t get it out the starting gate, you are back to where you have started.

Thankfully I have mentors who are encouraging me to try as many avenues as I can.  One has even forwarded me to other people.  I think it is this sort of support and relationship you need in this industry.

Riding the wave of on the Inktip website makes you feel good when your logline, synopsis, or even your script is viewed, but unless it is what that particular company is looking for, your idea will not see the light of day. Another thing is some people at a company might like it, but the higher ups ultimately decide whether or not it will fly.

If you want to try Inktip.com with pursuing things yourself, there might be a better chance in store for you, but remember, “nothing is written in stone” until an agreement is signed.  The likeliness is,  most people who are not already in the industry will find it hard getting their foot in the door and keeping it there.


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