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I am writing again about the TV series Homeland because I continue to be intrigued by it.  The Homeland plot is so advanced, I’m happy to say, I am not always sure what will happen next.



After yesterday’s bombing in Paris, it is easy to compare the diabolical nature the characters Carrie, Sal, Quinn, and others face in trying to stop the proliferation of terrorism.  That means the teams’ methods are not always Kosher.  It seems all to apparent, that one must fight fire with fire, both on the screen and off.  Who knows what is going on in France’s backyard. Can they infiltrate the terrorists cells and bring them down?  Let’s hope so…

With Homeland it is also clear that any normal relationships that CIA agents want to have are thwarted by the constant vigilance and violence they have to use to meet their goals.  Even strong relationships within the CIA are questioned.  I can’t imagine always having to look over your shoulder to not only see if the enemy is there, but if there is going to be any intentional “friendly” fire.  After hearing a disturbing story on the PBS Newshour about the horrible vetting that is done for secret clearances, I am aghast at what is in store for the United States FBI and CIA operations.

Still of Mandy Patinkin in Homeland (2011)


This Homeland season, the Russians are a dire threat.  It not only reminds us of our relationship with the Russians in the past, but the way our relationship has soured so significantly since Putin has decided to become both the Soviet Union again, and a Czar.  Scary stuff indeed … People get poisoned or assassinated by Russians.  In Homeland, this happens as well.

With the comparison of the world precisely reflected in the TV series Homeland, present day terrorism, espionage, fights and concerns are relayed to us with most of the ugly and disturbing details.  I am thankful I am watching this on TV series and not in a theater in Paris witnessing it first hand.

This blog is dedicated to the people who have died and have been wounded in the Paris slaughtering and to their friends and family.  May your journey to healing from this devastating horror to peace and happiness be as positive as it can be.


P.S.  I found this picture amazing.


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