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Roma is a fabulous Foreign Film based in New Mexico.  It won three Academy Awards, including Best Director, Alfonso Cuarón, Best Foreign Language Film, and Best Achievement in Cinematography.  It was completely filmed in black and white, based in the 1970s.  Academy Awards and Nominations

This was the first film to win an Academy Award that only aired on Netflix/TV, and not in theatres.  I believe that in itself is absolutely amazing.

The acting was fantastic.  Everyone of the actors was outstanding.  I believed who they were portraying completely.  Whomever cast these actors to play these specific characters hit the mark.  Yalitza Aparicio, who played Cleo, the main character, should have won an Oscar for her performance.  Her character was shy, but strong; loving, but tough; smart, but not arrogant.  Her love for her adopted family knew no bounds.  Her pain was our pain; her joy was our joy.

I loved how the family she worked for had a duplicity about it.  The family treated her as a maid, but they also treated her like family.  And, the love that the family had for her grew out of adversity both hers and her adopted family.

I highly recommend this film.  It was breathtakingly beautiful, realistic and complex.  It has the flavour of older films, but with worldly issues and dynamic relationships that engage you and titillate your mind.


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