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There are many Canadian films, actors, directors, and screenplay writers that have been very successful.   The Canadian actors that immediately come to mind for me are Donald Sutherland, Michael J. Fox, Martin Short (from Hamilton) Kim Cattrall (born in England, grew up in Canada) William Shatner, Sarah Polley, Dan Aykroyd, Alan Rickman ….

Len Blum is a Canadian scriptwriter, whom I have had the honour of meeting.  He wrote such scripts as the Pink Panther. He graduated from McMaster University.  He was guarded, but nice.

The mega film studio in Toronto, Alliance Films, formerly Alliance Atlantis Films, was started by Robert Lantos.  He now runs a company called ThinkFilm.  Numerous films are produced by Alliance & ThinkFilm companies.  Just look at the back of your DVD or BlueRay film container.

During the course of trying to market my films in Canada, I have met some interesting actors, directors, producers, casting directors, and aspiring film industry individuals.  Mostly it has been positive, but even in Canada it is a hard industry to market oneself, and break into.  It is very exclusive.  Knowing someone helps, but is not a sure-fire solution.

In the States, my scripts were read by the original representatives of the writers of The Matrix.  I was told to come back to them with another script.  They did this twice, but ultimately it was a no go.  Unfortunately they would not tell me what they didn’t like about my scripts so I could alter them in some way.  I also asked them what they were looking for, but there was a calm silence that they emitted, much to my chagrin.  But alas, I have to give them this, they did read them & the did correspond with me & ask for additional scripts.  That is something, yes!?

For a glance at some of Canadian’s finest films.

One film I mentioned earlier on in my blog that I wanted to see was Cairo Time .  I still haven’t seen it, but would like to.  I have seen such films as Black Robe and Cake.  They were very memorable.

There are many films still being made in Canada, in particular in Vancouver and Toronto.  We even have films and television shows being made in Hamilton, Ontario.  Canada as everywhere else in the film industry took a big hit on 9/11.  I believe it has recovered to a large degree, but I imagine it still has a ways to go.

As I think of additional Canadian actors and films, etc., I will add them.  Please feel free to add some yourself.


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