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The rating on IMDB for this film is not so great, but again, my son recommended it & I thought it was awesome.  It starts out a little slowly, but as the car gains speed, so does the plot.  Jeremy Rush is the director.

The Wheelman ends up in a very bad situation.  He gets deeper and deeper into a hornets’ nest of harden criminals.  At first he thinks he can solve the problems by rational and reason and a hard stance.  Then he finds, not only does he have to take a stance, but he has to act, and act fast and perhaps even violently.

Frank Grillo plays the Wheelman.  We never find out what his real name is.  The actor I was most impressed with was his daughter Katie, played by Caitlin Carmichael.
A 13 year old who can drive a Porsche like a pro with her pink sneakers!  A young, strong female actor.  Now we’re talking.

This film made me want a Porsche … wait, I always wanted one.  This film will keep you in your seat till the end.  Remember, stay seated as the beginning is rather slow and mundane, but soon it will pick up speed, as the Wheelman takes you for a really exciting ride.


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I am on the first season, fifth episode and I love it.  It is subtitled.  I have put aside The House of Cards for now as I try to reconcile just watching Kevin Spacey as an actor and not as a molester.

Within The Bridge series, the Swedes and the Danish police are put in a position where they have to work with one another to solve a series of murders done by one man.  Saga Sofia Helin is the Swede and Martin Kim Bodnia is the Dane.  Each has a unique personality, but Saga’s is the most unique.  At times she grapples with simple social cues.

The Bridge shows two separate worlds, the Danes and the Swedes.  I wish I could understand their languages.  I am sure I am missing certain nuances that make the characters and plot more vivid.

There are a few stories going on here.  At first you will wonder, what do all these have in common with the main plot?  It soon becomes clear that the stories are converging and revealing more about the main plot each time you watch.

The series was introduced to me by my son.  It cries out to be watched and marvelled at.

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I tried, I really did.  I enjoyed the first and part of the second season of Blindspot, but it ends there.  It is so pathetically bad, I couldn’t bring myself to watch it any more.

The characters are boring, their actions are predictable.  Their interactions with one another is stale.  And, the storyline is outrageously bad and frankly just plain stupid.  I predicted that this series would end sooner than later.  I am startled it has lasted to the point of giving me the doldrums.

I’m sticking with Outlander!  You should too!

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Episode: First Wife

Outlander is back in all its glory!  I was a little concerned with the last episode, but all is well.

It has been 20 years between Jamie & Claire seeing one another & they are having growing pains.  They have to play catch up, but it is obvious it is painful.  Both of them had their own lives, albeit they were incomplete without one another, for years.  They had learned to live with the void, and even tried to fill it.

With Claire and Jamie ultimately facing their pasts and their present all at once is an overwhelming task.  I am sure the audience feels their emotional conflicts, and their pain at trying to get their indescribably intense love back on track.  Coming back together has pulled at their heartstrings and throws Claire a huge fact to be reckoned with… Jamie’s second marriage to a woman that tried to kill Claire.  And now I say, why hadn’t Claire told him the truth about her all those years ago?  They did after all, tell one another everything.

What do you think?

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This has been a remarkable series, well, I am only on Season 2 so I can’t tell completely.  I have enjoyed the characters no matter how diabolical they all become, or are shown to be.  It somehow gives me a sense of the corporate world, as well as the political one. Scary stuff indeed.

I am however, mortified by the real Kevin Spacey’s sexual deviances.  A long time ago my mother told me she couldn’t stand watching NRA member, actor Charlton Heston because of his Republican politics.  I decided that I would watch him for his acting ability, his magnificent voice and the interesting projects he picked to act in.  Spacey however, just may have ruined it for me watching the rest of House of Cards.  Imagine how many people will lose their jobs, including him, due to his brazen sexual prowling.  His kind don’t stop, obviously.  So can I separate his excellent acting persona from his real life choices?

So far I have moved on to The Bridge.  I will blog about this magnificent Danish/Swedish series ASAP.

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I had this feeling a while back that I was being too complementary to most of the films and television shows I critiqued, but now it seems the tide has turned and I have nothing but negative things to say.  Is it because with most television series, with the exception of the Law & Order series, I think things go downhill over time.

I have to admit that I am hugely disappointed at the way Blindspot has progressed, or lack there of.  We see Jane and Kurt igniting Jane’s NEW tattoos that they are somehow related to the old tattoos – as if the woman isn’t covered enough.  And her brother, Roman, put them there at some convenient time.  No one knows why Roman put those tats on her.  Oh wait, we find out Jane has a price on her head and she is once again shoved in a suitcase.  At least this time it is in Venice.   

The relationships between the characters is forced, convoluted and predictable.  There must be a trick to how everyone gets just what they need at the exact time they need it.  Kurt gets a tank, armour, guns, planes, directions to his comrades in distress.  And of course in Venice Jane and Kurt get not just one boat, but two!  This series is now beyond contrived.  Do I still watch it so I can shake my head in disappointment?  Do I continue to watch so I can write on something that has gotten so trashy, I can barely write anything nice about it?  It is not as interestingly surreal as it once was, it a stupid television series on very thin ice.  Maybe you have to have several blindspots to keep watching.

What do you think?

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