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Have you ever noticed that most detectives’ spouses or lovers have either been killed off early on in the story, or they are getting a divorce?  This goes for both male and female detectives.  Not only have they lost someone, but they have anger, drug and alcohol issues as well.  It’s a wonder they can solve any murder.

The detective show I am watching now, Hinterland, shows a DCI Tom Mathias as one of the many, angry inspectors who is in denial about his daughter’s death, which he feels responsible for.  Because of this, he loses his wife by running to an island far away from his emotions, or so he thinks.

Shetland is similar, no wife, mind you DI Jimmy Perez is more functional, but still morns his wife in a severe way.  Yes she was killed off before the show even started.

Wait, there is more, Inspectors Lewis, Morse, and Tennyson.

I am watching Elementary too, and this Sherlock Holmes has lost his female criminal/ soulmate/ Lover Moriarty.  He is a drug addict, depicted rather realistically, and he is an oddball, with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  He also has anger, daddy and mommy issues.  And yet he solves crimes while blindfolded.  Did I mention his partner Watson or Lucy Lu, she’s great.  However, she recently found she has a half-sister by her father.  Watson’s father abandoned her when she was young.  Her father died last episode or so, and she has to deal with the demons he left behind.

An oldie but goodie is Columbo.  In Columbo you never saw his wife, ever.  She never died, never really existed.

I have to mention Disney movies, because in those they kill off the mother most of the time.  Ariel, Snow White, Cinderella, Bambi, and I believe The Lion King, Dumbo, and Mary Poppins.

I know that most of the time with Disney, it is a huge plot point, a significant part of the story that makes the film pivot into another direction.  In some cases you can say you’re not in Kansas anymore and it’s time to grow up.

With the detectives and inspectors it works off screen as well as on screen.  Some have it where in the pilot we are made aware of the detectives’ loss.  They come to us already, scared, angry, sad, at odds with the world, drug addicts or alcoholics.  They fight crime while fighting their demons.  We of course root for them to overcome their weakness, addictions, and live happily ever after.  But how interesting would that be, best to keep them crippled in pain, trying to advance and grow slowly out of their agony.








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Roma is a fabulous Foreign Film based in New Mexico.  It won three Academy Awards, including Best Director, Alfonso Cuarón, Best Foreign Language Film, and Best Achievement in Cinematography.  It was completely filmed in black and white, based in the 1970s.  Academy Awards and Nominations

This was the first film to win an Academy Award that only aired on Netflix/TV, and not in theatres.  I believe that in itself is absolutely amazing.

The acting was fantastic.  Everyone of the actors was outstanding.  I believed who they were portraying completely.  Whomever cast these actors to play these specific characters hit the mark.  Yalitza Aparicio, who played Cleo, the main character, should have won an Oscar for her performance.  Her character was shy, but strong; loving, but tough; smart, but not arrogant.  Her love for her adopted family knew no bounds.  Her pain was our pain; her joy was our joy.

I loved how the family she worked for had a duplicity about it.  The family treated her as a maid, but they also treated her like family.  And, the love that the family had for her grew out of adversity both hers and her adopted family.

I highly recommend this film.  It was breathtakingly beautiful, realistic and complex.  It has the flavour of older films, but with worldly issues and dynamic relationships that engage you and titillate your mind.

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At first I thought I’d be watching a period piece Western, but much to my surprise Longmire is a present day Western of sorts.  It takes place in the backwaters of Wyoming, and is a police crime story.  It includes a stark look at how Native Americans are treated, live, and how they are perceived by “Whites”, and interact with them as well.

The acting is excellent, Robert Taylor as Longmire has a perfect Western accent.  Considering he is Australian it is amazing I cannot even discern that he’s from Downunder.  He is excellent at playing the gruff, burly, mourning in silence, self contained, no nonsense guy.

The interaction Longmire has with the other characters is amazing.  His relationship with Vic, a deputy of his, is one where he basically treats her like one of the boys.  However, he is still the gentleman toward her.

Longmire has an amazing relationship with his Native American friend Henry Standing Bear.  It is at once fun with a dry sense of humour, bantering, and seriousness.

The writing is magnificent.  The characters are well defined.  I have enjoyed each episode.  At times it seems like they are just getting better and better.  Once in a while it won’t be a great one, but it will still be really good.

I highly recommend this show!  It is on Netflix.


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I thought I was open to watching most things all the way through, but alas I am not.  It turns out that I don’t like these series for various reasons.  But, look at the series I do like as well for several reasons.


Borgia – horrible acting, terrible story line, gag me

Jack Taylor – love main actor Iian, but his character starts to get old, as the plot gets more desperate so does he and that gets boring.

Midsummer Murders – Very British, which is awesome, but could only watch two episodes

Money Heist – Boring and predictable

Collateral – Can’t even remember why I didn’t like this one.

Mossad 101 – Loved trying to understand the Hebrew, with my limited speaking ability.  However, it was predicable and boring as well as rather ridiculous.

Peaky Blinders – Love Cillian Murphy, and Sam Neill, but it gets brutally violent and has usual bad guy versus brut hometown hero.


The Crown – Absolutely marvellous!  Acting is fabulous, storyline is engaging, love historical accuracy.

Godless – Absolutely amazing!  Love Westerns!  Storyline is great, love Michelle Cockerny & Jeff Daniels!  Excellent acting.  Very violent, but can tolerate most of it.

Life in Pieces – Absolutely one of the best comedies of all time!  The actors are perfectly cast, the storyline is hysterical!

I am also watching non Netflix… These are the ones I like…

The Expanse – Love Sci-fi!  Took a little while to get into it, but now I’m hooked.

The Good Fight – Semi-redundant of The Good Wife of course, but like it cause I kind of miss The Good Wife.

The Blacklist – Mix feelings, because my move from Netflix to TV was not a smooth transition, so I missed some episodes.  Not happy to hear the Husband was killed off so he could star in his own program.  Also, this may soon be on my don’t watch list.

The Big Bang Theory – Still hanging in there with it.  Sometimes it is great, like Amy and Sheldon’s wedding.  Well done!

What lures me in to watch a series for the long haul?  Acting, plot, storyline, cinematography, direction, am I being entertained, and am I learning something of interest?





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IMDB – Alicia has been a good wife to her husband, a former state’s attorney. After a very humiliating sex and corruption scandal, he is behind bars. She must now provide for her family and returns to work as a litigator in a law firm.

Alicia Florrick

My take:  I binged watched this entire series.  Mind you I had the flu and needed something to occupy me during my two weeks of misery.  It did the trick, the series took my mind off being ill and throughly entertained me.

I like lawyer shows.  In this one I particularly liked the fact that so many actors who were on Law and Order surfaced for cameo roles.  Of course one of the main actors was on that show, Chris Noth from Law and Order, on this show he played Peter Florrick. There were others who were his partners in the Law and Order series.  I will see if I can gather those actors names, and characters they played.

Julianna Margulies played Peter’s “Good” wife Alicia.  I liked that Alicia, a lawyer, went from being a competent lawyer, to an extraordinary one.  However, it appears that along the way she lost sight of her morals.  It did seem in order for her to compete in her professional world she had to strengthen her back bone, and bend her ideals.  It didn’t help that her husband Peter was a philander and knew how to play hardball already.  One would say he was her mentor, but Alicia found others to become her role models.  Her love interest Will Gardner – Josh Charles, was a combination of ethics and slime.  He crossed over imaginary lines in a slick manner.

The criticism I have of the series, is the repeat performances of some of the clients.  I would say, they’ve been there, done that, got the tea shirt.  I did however, love lawyer Elsbeth!   Carrie Preston.  She had a dynamic personality and her quirkiness was amazing presented.  I also loved the character Michael J. Fox played, Louis Canning.  A disabled man who was smarter and more ruthless than just about anyone.  He used his disability without compunction.  He used it to draw sympathy and attention to his plight and away from the fact he was slaughtering any lawyer or witness that stood in his way of winning.  His playfulness with his character reflected the twinkle in Michael’s eyes that are still bright and shining as ever.

I didn’t like Alicia’s last lover, I don’t want to even bother to look up his name.  He was an arrogant, boring, snide, and spineless person.

I really liked the character Diane Lockhart, Christine Baranski. She was graceful, soft spoken, but strong and full of fight.  I love her as Leonard’s mom on the Big Bang Theory!  And I love her in the spin off The Good Fight. I like that the character Marrisa Gold – Sarah Steele, has followed Diane Lockhart into the followup series. I liked a lot of the characters and the drama that ensued.  Was it a super great series?  No.  Was it entertaining, engaging and interesting?  Yes!  Am I watching the follow up series, The Good Fight?  You bet ya!

The Good Fight can be summed up in this manner; back stab everyone in your firm and, everyone else you can think of.  Plot to get the win in court, no matter what the costs, human psyche, relationships, or otherwise.

I am at the point where I am catching up on a lot of series.  The total advantage of watching these on Netflix, NO COMMERICALS.  It is so worth the wait in some instances, so please stay with me as I catch up on less recent productions.  Hopefully you will find something you will want to catch up on as well.


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I won’t go into great detail about this comedic show.  My daughter and her fiance introduced me to this show.  In a word, it is hysterical!  It was love at first sight.  There was one episode, if my father was alive to see it, I think he would have laughed till he cried.  I gave out many guffaws and belly laughs and did cry!

I highly recommend this comedy series.  Maybe I’ve been watching The Big Bang Theory too long, because this seems 10 times funnier than that.

More on this soon… highly recommend seeing this ASAP!

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I was thrilled to see the most recent Star Wars film, The Last Jedi.  It had the feel of the very original films, Star Wars, and The Empire Strikes back.  However, it felt like a recap as well, which I suppose can be good and bad.  I imagine diehard Star Wars fans to be completely enthralled by this revisiting of the old films.  I have mixed feelings.  I understand keeping the fan base, but I think it bogged down the storyline and seem to be a “let us fit this recap into this part of the film”.  In particular, where there is yet another fight on the frozen tundra planet.  I did love the CGI ice foxes though; very creative and loveable.

My absolute most favorite part was the filming on Skillig Michael Island, Ireland.  The funny birds that were CGI were based on the puffins that live on this island.

I went to this island 34.5 years ago on my honeymoon.  Seasick all the way there and back.  Luckily for the Star Wars production crew, there is a helicopter pad.  See my pictures of Skellig Michael, on my blog Star Wars: The Force Awakens &; Skellig Michael Island: A Force to be Reckoned with!

Although a lot of the film was a rehashing of the other films, it has merit.  Yes, it is a overkill of good versus evil again, but I loved the fact that the next Jedi is a woman, Rey, played by Daisy Ridley.

Everyone who went with me to the film agreed that Princess Lelia should have died when she was in a coma.  Not to be crass because Carrie Fisher then died in real life, but because her purpose in the storyline had become very limited.   She was barely a “Force” to be reckoned with.

Image result for skellig michaelImage result for skellig michael

Image result for skellig michael

Tell me what you think of this film!

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