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Incendies is a fantastic film.  It is at once a mystery, a political statement, a statement on religious factions, a love story, and a quest for the truth amid the dreadful quagmire of war and hatred.

This film unfolds in a fascinating way.  It has many facets that intertwine, converge, then diverge & re-submerge.  There is a surprise ending that will knock your socks off.   I would like to be more specific, but if I did that, I would likely ruin the film for you.  I have placed a trailer to this film below, but I advise only seeing this if you want to know some of the secrets that are highlighted in the film before they become known to you in the film itself.  Just know that most people came out of this film saying “Wow”!

I hope this nominated film wins Best Foreign Film at the Academy Awards this Sunday!


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