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Finally a pirate series that is at once intellectual, with fierce fighting and succulent romance.  History and fictional characters collide into a perfect series.  The characters are gorgeous.  I have to wear a bib when I watch this show.  However, looking past the beauty of the cast, is the most excellent talent.  Some of the characters voices are magnificent!  You can tell Captain Flint, Toby Stephens has Shakespearean blood in his veins.  And yes, he has actually done loads of Shakespearean acting.

The other characters I love are John Silver, or recently named in the show as Long John Silver, Luke Arnold; Captain Rackham, who is fun quirky, Captain Charles Vane… Wait I can go on forever.  The main female character that both my husband and I thought was an astounding actor was the character Miranda Barlow, played by Louise Barnes, Captain Flint’s love interest.

It is amazing how well the script is written for each episode.  It is intricate, but does not leave you falling behind on what is happening.  I think part of why the scripts for Black Sails is so well written, is the extensive character development.  The characters are believable and consistent in their actions, however outrageous they can get.

The scenery is beautiful, the CGi is also very believable. It is hard to tell where the real scenery starts sometimes and Cgi takes over.

I highly suggest watching this series!  It is without a doubt one of the best I have ever seen.  I will be writing more on this series in the future.




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