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Outlander Season 3 Episode 6: A. Malcolm

Of course the love scenes are worth waiting for, but what about Claire telling Jamie that she was in a loveless marriage?  What about Jamie asking her about her unhappy marriage to Randall.  Their comments to each other seem superfluous.  And I am sorry, but the love scene seem staged, rather than like the wedding love scenes.  Could it have been who was directing it?

Then there is this great issue I have, as did my fellow viewers, these characters are THE SAME AGES they were when they were parted 20 years ago.  I’m sorry the glasses don’t quite do it for me.  I had glasses in University and I was a wee lass.  Claire should have left her (weird) grey hair from her future self.

And yes at the end of episode 6, once again Claire is threatened with being raped.  Can we not think of something original?  Like maybe the nasty guy has a foot fetish & wants to give her a foot massage.  To think Claire wanted to go back in time to be threatened with being raped several times again.

My fellow watchers & I also have an issue with Claire leaving her daughter Brianna.  Yes, they weren’t super close I suppose, but I can tell you as a mother who loves her children, I would not be digging up the dead, no matter how much I had loved that man.  I could never imagine giving up my child to maybe hit history in the right spot and see my true love again – but then this is true romance.  Truth be told, I am really enjoying the series, love the actors and excited to be in touch on Tweeter with Scott Kyle AKA Ross; loved his character.

I hope the next episode & subsequent episodes go back to the excellent, acting, direction, and storyline it had until now.



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