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Woody Allen has definitely outdone himself this time with his film Midnight in Paris see IMDB.  As usual his characters are quirky and neurotic, just like him, but there is the exception this time, Woody Allen has matured.  He no longer pummels you over the head with philosophy, psychology, and sarcastic humor; it is all there, but it is tempered and tamed.

It is a story of twists and turns that are connected and reconnected.  In particular, the characters of Stein and Hemingway were outstanding, not to mention the character Owen Wilson who played Gil.  Wilson was in his element with humor, but the humor was not overt.  As with a lot of Woody Allen films, one must think to get the joke, and as said, it is cleverly subtle this time.  The plot line had me enmeshed in the story and I didn’t want it to end.  This is a film I plan on buying when it comes out.

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Box Office Shocker: ‘Midnight in Paris’ Set to Become Woody Allen’s Highest-Grossing Film in 25 Year


“Some observers believe the film, starring Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams, will ultimately surpass “Hannah and Her Sisters” to become his top earner ever.”


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