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I am on the first season, fifth episode and I love it.  It is subtitled.  I have put aside The House of Cards for now as I try to reconcile just watching Kevin Spacey as an actor and not as a molester.

Within The Bridge series, the Swedes and the Danish police are put in a position where they have to work with one another to solve a series of murders done by one man.  Saga Sofia Helin is the Swede and Martin Kim Bodnia is the Dane.  Each has a unique personality, but Saga’s is the most unique.  At times she grapples with simple social cues.

The Bridge shows two separate worlds, the Danes and the Swedes.  I wish I could understand their languages.  I am sure I am missing certain nuances that make the characters and plot more vivid.

There are a few stories going on here.  At first you will wonder, what do all these have in common with the main plot?  It soon becomes clear that the stories are converging and revealing more about the main plot each time you watch.

The series was introduced to me by my son.  It cries out to be watched and marvelled at.


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I have been watching a television show called Person of Interest.  The premise of this show is there is a Machine that tracks everyone and everything they do.  It then protects the potential victim, or punishes a potential perpetrator.  Yes, this is Orwellian.  And the executive producer is J.J. Abrams of Bad Robot Productions (Star Wars: The Force Awakens).

Brilliant software engineer Harold Finch (Michael Emerson) originally crated the Machine to track foreign and domestic threats, however, because of a personal tragedy he tracks every day, or the non-relevant people of New York.  Finch  gets Social Security numbers from the Machine for the present Person(s) of Interest.  A former Marine, now “man in the suit”, John Reese (Jim Caviezel) helps him with his martial arts, ability to blow things up, and shoot people in the knees. Later in the series a psychopath Root, who can talk directly to the Machine, helps Reese and Finch.  There are also New Yorks’ finest helping to put away the bad guys, Detective Carter (Taraji P. Henson) 0n the straight and narrow, and Detective Fusco (Kevin Chapman), a formerly corrupt cop.

Root and Finch


There are many layers to this show, as well as twists and turns, however, sometimes, like the older episode I watched today, it was totally predictable (I was rather disappointed).  The main plot was boring.  I imagine though, this was a information giving episode.  We have to mesh together what has happened, with what may happen.



It is at once a spy vs. spy show, as well as an action adventure, martial arts (kick that bad guys back side to a pulp – James Bond), science fiction, and a drama with dry humour.  It is about personal development in the face of danger.  I know I would develop really fast if I was in some of those situations they present.

Just a side note, I am not sure how many times the hero Reese has been shot, but it seems like he has taken many a bullet.

I have to add, silly me, the specially trained Marine dog is adorable.  I would gladly take him, only I understand he only knows Swedish.  I can only speak the Sesame Street, Swedish Chef, Swedish, but I am fluent in that.


Take a look (no cheating, from the beginning episode) and let me know what you think.  If you’ve been watching it, I’d also like to know what you think, only I am about two episodes behind, so no spoil alerts!





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