Outlander III

Episode: First Wife

Outlander is back in all its glory!  I was a little concerned with the last episode, but all is well.

It has been 20 years between Jamie & Claire seeing one another & they are having growing pains.  They have to play catch up, but it is obvious it is painful.  Both of them had their own lives, albeit they were incomplete without one another, for years.  They had learned to live with the void, and even tried to fill it.

With Claire and Jamie ultimately facing their pasts and their present all at once is an overwhelming task.  I am sure the audience feels their emotional conflicts, and their pain at trying to get their indescribably intense love back on track.  Coming back together has pulled at their heartstrings and throws Claire a huge fact to be reckoned with… Jamie’s second marriage to a woman that tried to kill Claire.  And now I say, why hadn’t Claire told him the truth about her all those years ago?  They did after all, tell one another everything.

What do you think?


This has been a remarkable series, well, I am only on Season 2 so I can’t tell completely.  I have enjoyed the characters no matter how diabolical they all become, or are shown to be.  It somehow gives me a sense of the corporate world, as well as the political one. Scary stuff indeed.

I am however, mortified by the real Kevin Spacey’s sexual deviances.  A long time ago my mother told me she couldn’t stand watching NRA member, actor Charlton Heston because of his Republican politics.  I decided that I would watch him for his acting ability, his magnificent voice and the interesting projects he picked to act in.  Spacey however, just may have ruined it for me watching the rest of House of Cards.  Imagine how many people will lose their jobs, including him, due to his brazen sexual prowling.  His kind don’t stop, obviously.  So can I separate his excellent acting persona from his real life choices?

So far I have moved on to The Bridge.  I will blog about this magnificent Danish/Swedish series ASAP.

I had this feeling a while back that I was being too complementary to most of the films and television shows I critiqued, but now it seems the tide has turned and I have nothing but negative things to say.  Is it because with most television series, with the exception of the Law & Order series, I think things go downhill over time.

I have to admit that I am hugely disappointed at the way Blindspot has progressed, or lack there of.  We see Jane and Kurt igniting Jane’s NEW tattoos that they are somehow related to the old tattoos – as if the woman isn’t covered enough.  And her brother, Roman, put them there at some convenient time.  No one knows why Roman put those tats on her.  Oh wait, we find out Jane has a price on her head and she is once again shoved in a suitcase.  At least this time it is in Venice.   

The relationships between the characters is forced, convoluted and predictable.  There must be a trick to how everyone gets just what they need at the exact time they need it.  Kurt gets a tank, armour, guns, planes, directions to his comrades in distress.  And of course in Venice Jane and Kurt get not just one boat, but two!  This series is now beyond contrived.  Do I still watch it so I can shake my head in disappointment?  Do I continue to watch so I can write on something that has gotten so trashy, I can barely write anything nice about it?  It is not as interestingly surreal as it once was, it a stupid television series on very thin ice.  Maybe you have to have several blindspots to keep watching.

What do you think?

Outlander Season 3 Episode 6: A. Malcolm

Of course the love scenes are worth waiting for, but what about Claire telling Jamie that she was in a loveless marriage?  What about Jamie asking her about her unhappy marriage to Randall.  Their comments to each other seem superfluous.  And I am sorry, but the love scene seem staged, rather than like the wedding love scenes.  Could it have been who was directing it?

Then there is this great issue I have, as did my fellow viewers, these characters are THE SAME AGES they were when they were parted 20 years ago.  I’m sorry the glasses don’t quite do it for me.  I had glasses in University and I was a wee lass.  Claire should have left her (weird) grey hair from her future self.

And yes at the end of episode 6, once again Claire is threatened with being raped.  Can we not think of something original?  Like maybe the nasty guy has a foot fetish & wants to give her a foot massage.  To think Claire wanted to go back in time to be threatened with being raped several times again.

My fellow watchers & I also have an issue with Claire leaving her daughter Brianna.  Yes, they weren’t super close I suppose, but I can tell you as a mother who loves her children, I would not be digging up the dead, no matter how much I had loved that man.  I could never imagine giving up my child to maybe hit history in the right spot and see my true love again – but then this is true romance.  Truth be told, I am really enjoying the series, love the actors and excited to be in touch on Tweeter with Scott Kyle AKA Ross; loved his character.

I hope the next episode & subsequent episodes go back to the excellent, acting, direction, and storyline it had until now.



IMDB – An English combat nurse from 1945 is mysteriously swept back in time to 1743.

The series Outlander, shown on Starz originally and now Neflix, is fantastic!  The storyline is original; the characters unique.  I am totally addicted to this series.  I have to admit I started this series toward the end of the second season.  It was so engaging, I decided to record the new ones, and then start the series from the very beginning.  What a great idea that was!

The main characters Claire (Caitriona Balfe)  and Jamie Fraser’s (Sam Heughan) chemistry is so wonderful, you truly feel their love, passion, fears, frustration and their anger.  They are indeed a pair to be reckoned with, and unbelievable actors.

Captain Randall and Frank are played by the same person (Tobias Menzies).   I have to give immense credit to this actor’s characters because I liked Frank in the beginning, he seems like a “good chap”… That is until you see the same guy play a Hitler like character Captain Randall.  One can never look at Frank in the same way again.  He has been sullied by his ancestor.

One character I truly like, whose thoughts seem to be given away by a mere expression is Murtagh Fraser (Duncan Lacroix).  A treat to read a characters thoughts without having to hazard a guess.  He shows how gestures and expressions are a language onto itself.  His interactions with Claire and Jamie are seamless and a thrill to watch.

The script is so well written that I feel like I am part of the world that has been created.  One criticism is, how many rape scenes are there in this series.  Since they are so acutely real, I have a hard time watching them… All of them.  Stick to the love scenes!  Wow!

I will write more on this as I progress in the series.  This series is a pleasure to cover.

Have you seen this series?  If so, what are your thoughts on this?




I was excited for the new season of Blindspot.  I know it has gone off the beaten path, but this season it has really gone into surreal territory or should I say terror-tory.  Weller has been in love three times and is going to have a baby, whose mother, and their child, are quickly being taken out of the picture.  Presumably this is because of Weller’s new love interest, Nas.  Does he still love Jane?  What happen to those dynamics?

Then there is Patterson, who has recently lost her first lover, and now her second to a terrorist group.  He also tried to kill her.  And, by the way after being shot in the stomach seems to be able to be back at her post, standing for hours on end with a bad headache.  Oh wait, dropping painkillers onto the floor helps her solve the puzzle to one of Jane’s tattoos that is not on her, but was in her prototype video.  In turn, she defuses a set of bombs ready to go off at a school with 59 seconds left.  She does this by shutting down several cell phone tower grids in a matter of seconds.  Mind you no one else in this area has problems with this happening.

Let’s see, so far as I can remember, two to three FBI agents have been kidnapped.  Jane was kidnapped and tortured by the CIA.  Weller, Jane, Patterson (tortured and shot) Mayfair, Reade, perhaps Tasha, Dr. Robert Borden, Patterson’s lover have all been either shot, or shot and killed.  It is obvious that this not only a dangerous job, but after one has been shot or stuck with a pole & major eardrum piercing etc., there is a miraculous recovery for all who are not killed.

The writers here are not only stretching the truth I imagine, but the storyline, and we are expected to follow.  Okay, I am game, for now, as I like the notion of there being tattoos that tell a story and depict horrible acts of terror to occur.  I predict the life of this show to be one or two seasons more at most.  The plot is already running thin, and the characters are unbelievable at best.  What do you think?

Black Sails

Finally a pirate series that is at once intellectual, with fierce fighting and succulent romance.  History and fictional characters collide into a perfect series.  The characters are gorgeous.  I have to wear a bib when I watch this show.  However, looking past the beauty of the cast, is the most excellent talent.  Some of the characters voices are magnificent!  You can tell Captain Flint, Toby Stephens has Shakespearean blood in his veins.  And yes, he has actually done loads of Shakespearean acting.

The other characters I love are John Silver, or recently named in the show as Long John Silver, Luke Arnold; Captain Rackham, who is fun quirky, Captain Charles Vane… Wait I can go on forever.  The main female character that both my husband and I thought was an astounding actor was the character Miranda Barlow, played by Louise Barnes, Captain Flint’s love interest.

It is amazing how well the script is written for each episode.  It is intricate, but does not leave you falling behind on what is happening.  I think part of why the scripts for Black Sails is so well written, is the extensive character development.  The characters are believable and consistent in their actions, however outrageous they can get.

The scenery is beautiful, the CGi is also very believable. It is hard to tell where the real scenery starts sometimes and Cgi takes over.

I highly suggest watching this series!  It is without a doubt one of the best I have ever seen.  I will be writing more on this series in the future.