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I am a Professional Freelance Writer. I have a BA in English, Creative Writing Emphasis from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. I graduated from the University of Chicago Laboratory High School. I work as a Professional Freelance Writer and Content Manager for Business Analytics Consulting Group (BACG), a company focused on being a Business Intelligence (BI) service provider. BACG has been created to help stakeholders harness the power of BI, to make improved decision-making, and increase profitability. I worked as a freelance Content Manager for a brand, advertising, and marketing company in Oakville, Ontario. I significantly increased the viewership of their blog site. I have volunteered as an Access Producer for Cable 14, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I produced features for Cable 14’s Hamilton Life program. I worked as a Sessional Lecturer at McMaster University teaching Communications in the Department of Computing and Software, Faculty of Engineering for five years. I also worked as a Production Editor publishing medical books. I have worked as a freelance writer and a journalist. I have written numerous publications. I have written three scripts for film. Two are romantic comedies, one is a drama/action script. I have also written seven Reality TV ideas that are seriously being considered at this time. I have taken acting classes with Juli-Ann Kay who is a prominent casting agent in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I did this to help my scriptwriting. I was an extra on five sets, for three films to see how scripts are brought to life. I am a member of the Hamilton Film Community — Creative Exchange. I am a member of the Ancaster Film Fest (related to Toronto International Film Festival TIFF) I love film. I am Linkedin with 500+ TV and film professionals. Feel free to connect with me on Linkedin and view some of my publications.

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